At Duncan Walton we pride ourselves on ensuring our accessories are well crafted with the finest materials. We strongly recommend following these simple care guidelines that will ensure greater longevity for your accessories.


  • Plated cufflinks require little maintenance, but if you get any tarnish just rub up with a dry lint-free micro fibre cloth.
  • Leather should not be exposed to water as water can strip the oils from the surface causing it to wear and even disintegrate so remember to remove whilst showering or swimming. 
  • Swarovski Crystals, Gemstones, Semi Precious Stones just need a wipe with a moistened cloth or a gentle scrub with a moistened soft toothbrush and just dry with a lint-free micro fibre cloth.
  • Mother of Pearl requires a gentle clean with a damp lint-free micro fibre cloth or special jewellery cleaning cloth to avoid any scratches.
  • Meteorite over time will darken due to it's high iron content, it may require a gentle scrub with a moistened soft tooth brush and just dry with a cloth. 
  • Silver tarnishes in time, so clean with a silver cleaning cloth and buff back to full shine.
  • None of our products should be exposed to strong lighting, humidity, extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals. Do not spray any perfumes or apply any creams or liquids onto your accessories. Remember to remove your accessories if you are using any cleaning products or chemicals.

  • When you are not wearing your accessory please remember to store in your Duncan Walton pouch which is provided.

If you need anymore advice please do not hesitate in contacting us we are always happy to help.

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